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The Kinetic Open Storage Platform believes in the open source approach to continually improve and grow out the platform. Developers are invited to help in this initiative by contributing improvements and helping expanding the functionality of the Kinetic API.

This page will explain the process for contributing to the Kinetic Open Storage Platform.


Contributor License Agreement Process

If a developer would like to become a contributor of the Kinetic Open Storage Platform, they must first fill out and submit the following online form, if they have not done so already:

Contributor Registration Form

In addition to the submission of the online registration form, the developer must also read, print, and sign the following Contributor License Agreement (CLA) form:

Contributor License Agreement Form

The license agreement grants Seagate rights to use the contributions and protects Seagate from any future legal disputes regarding the intellectual property contributed to the Kinetic Open Storage Platform.

Once the CLA is signed, the developer must email the form to to complete the Contributor Agreement Process. After completion of the agreement process, the developer will be added to the Github repository, which grants them commit rights to the Kinetic Open Storage Platform project.

Code Contribution Approval Process

After the contributor submits a Pull request, Seagate communicates with the contributor through an iterative review process to inspect the quality of the contribution, the purpose of the request, and the overall benefits. Once the contribution is approved, the code will be merged to the repository. 



How to Become a Collaborator

Developers who want to work more closely to building out the future version of the Kinetic Platform may choose to become a Collaborator. Collaborators will be granted permission to read and write directly into the repository.

If a developer has contributed vast amounts of quality code, Seagate will send an invite for the Contributor to become a Collaborator. However, Seagate reserves the rights to revoke any Collaborator's access if the Collaborator's contributions are deemed inappropriate. 


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