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4U (4RU) Rack Chassis

The initial launch of Kinetic drives includes a Kinetic Rack Mount Storage Platform that is compatible with standard 19-inch racks. The chassis provides a high density, rack mounted storage chassis with a density of 60 drives or 15 drives per one standard rack height unit, (U=1.75-inches). A circuit board internal to the chassis provides receptacles into which the disc drives plug.

All SGMII signal routing is provided by the chassis through Ethernet switches. Each of the two (2) SGMII Ethernet ports are connected to an intra-chassis fabric with the primary port on one switch and the secondary port on a second switch. Each switch has a 10 Gbps Ethernet port for intra-rack connectivity.

The auxiliary serial port of each drive is connected to the chassis controller. This is used for, among other things, to communicate the location of the drive within the chassis to the drive and/or the identity of the drive to the tray controller.

The chassis provides routing for all electrical power required by the drives as supplied by two internal power supplies.

The chassis incorporates features that clearly distinguish it as an easy-to-use and highly available rack-mount storage platform.The use of redundant and hot-swappable components for high failure rate items with included features such as redundant hot-swappable power supplies, controllable power for each drive, as well as power and temperature monitoring, enables the chassis's high availability. The system will be managed with the ability for the chassis control processor to control individual drive power, control fan speed, and communicate with higher level controllers via ethernet. A block diagram for the 60-drive 4U Rack Mount Storage Platform is shown on the right.


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