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The purpose of this page is to provide a central location for obtaining information about the Kinetic Open Storage Platform. The contents of this page includes the purpose and vision for the Kinetic architecture, software and hardware developer resources, use cases, links to public presentations and training videos, and FAQ. 



The World Has Changed

Over the past decade, the explosive growth of large-scale, data-driven applications has begun to fundamentally shift the nature of enterprise storage infrastructure. The traditional paradigm of hardware-centric, file-based systems is moving aside to make way for new software-defined, object-based approaches.

The new world is an object oriented one: a world of pictures, movies, ecommerce and web data, search, games, and, significantly, archives of all of these.  In this world, objects (information) are written, read, replaced, and deleted, but never modified.  Systems and datacenters are increasingly being designed for capacity, rather than performance.  Tiering and distribution have become imperative.  Analytics has become both routine and essential – on demand, in real-time, across any dimension and any ‘heat’ of data. 

Application traffic, has now also emerged as the backbone of storage infrastructure.  This can be seen by the phenomenal growth of virtual server and desktop infrastructure, as well as the rampant adoption of third party services to validate this latter point.

Current forecasts indicate between 50-80% CAGR in scale-out storage through 2017.  This dramatic growth is driven by the increasing prominence of mobile, social, cloud computing, and Big Data.  These applications rely on data that is primarily unstructured (or semi-structured), and easy and cheap to create. There is an imperative to store it all; the value of analytics, regulation, and personal expectations for data preservation all fuel the growth in storage infrastructure now and the foreseeable future.  

The combination of all these factors mandates a re-definition of storage devices, interfaces, and full stack architectures.  In order for the industry to achieve the growth demanded to support these storage demands, we must strip out layers of inefficiency from legacy architectures, and to introduce a new approach optimized for scale-out application and datacenter needs.

Seagate’s Kinetic Open Storage platform does exactly this. It implements and enables the right stack (devices, protocol, interface, software, systems) to optimize for current and future application demands, uniquely enables object-oriented applications to take direct advantage of storage, and fuels scale-out datacenter innovation. In doing so it enables significant gains in performance, manageability, and total cost of ownership (TCO).  

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